Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Biokineticist?

Biokinetics translates to Life Through Movement (BIO + KINETICS = LIFE + MOVEMENT = LIFE THROUGH MOVEMENT )

A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who aims to create a better quality of life for people by means of individualised scientific exercise prescription. 

We do this through evaluation & measuring various aspects, such as: body posture, body composition, blood pressure, glucose levels, lung function, heart rate, fitness, muscle strength, endurance, power, flexibility and other health screenings. and using those results to guide evidence based prescription of rehabilitative exercise.

We aim to increase quality of life and to enhance performance (sport or work) through the treatment, prevention or intervention of certain conditions.

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When should I see a Biokineticist? 

A Biokineticist is involved in final phase rehabilitation. This means that as soon as the main treatment modality for your condition is exercise/physical activity, then you should be referred to a Biokineticist by your current health care provider (e.g. Doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist, etc).

When you are diagnosed with a chronic or neurological disease/disorder, then you should be referred to a Biokineticist. Exercise has been shown to be very effective against a vast range of metabolic and neurological conditions.

The main reason to see us is so that we can educate and guide YOU through exercise prescription to become in control of your own body and health again.

Can I claim from medical aid?

All accounts must be settled by the patient on the day of treatment. You will then receive an invoice where you can claim back from the medical aid. 

Please note that we do not accept cash payments on the premises. Only debit/credit card, EFT, FNB Geolocation payments.

What are your costs/fees?

The cost of a biokinetics consultation may vary based on the amount of time spent in the session, the level of complexity and the number of conditions managed in the consultation. Our fee structure is guided by medical aid rates. With this in mind, all fees will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Private rates are available upon request.

Fitness assessment rates are determined by the rewards programme of the medical scheme.

How frequently must I see you?

After the initial assessment, you will attend at least one* rehabilitation session with the Biokineticist so that he/she can explain your exercise prescription to you and insure that you are performing it correctly. Thereafter you should see the Biokineticist after the duration of your exercise program so that you can be re-assessed and receive appropriate adjustments to your exercise prescriptions.

*the number of sessions depend on your confidence and the Biokineticist's satisfaction in your ability to do the home exercises effectively and safely. 

What if I don't have any equipment or have a gym membership?

At Brendon Marais Biokineticist Inc. we believe in empowering you to become in charge of your own health. We are here to provide support and exercise guidance to get you autonomous and independent when it comes to physical activity. We therefore encourage our patients who do not have access to exercise equipment (at home, gym, etc) to make use of our facilities during your rehabilitation. Alternatively your program prescription is set-up in such a way to accommodate you without having to buy unnecessary new exercise equipment.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends solely on your condition/injury and all possible rehabilitation strategies will be discussed with you in the initial consultation.

What do I need to bring along on my initial consultation?

For your initial assessment, you will need your ID, Medical aid card, referral letter from a Doctor/Physiotherapist (if applicable), all radiology results and a list of all chronic medication you are currently using.

It will also assist your Biokineticist if you prepare the following information:

Do you perform Momentum Multiply Health assessments?

Yes. Contact us today to book your assessment and find out what your healthy heart score is. Your health assessment is covered by the medical ai You can also make a booking for an individual health item reading at your own cost.

Do you perform Momentum Multiply Fitness assessments?

Yes. Contact us today to book your assessment and score up to 80 additional Active Dayz. Please note that the cost for the Multiply Fitness Assessment is R460 (in person) or R250 (online) that needs to be paid on the day and can be claimed from your medical savings.

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Do you perform Vitality Health Checks?

Yes. Contact us today to book your vitality health check and be rewarded up to 22500 points.

Do you perform Vitality Fitness Assessments?

Yes. Contact us today to book your assessment and score up to 7500 points. Please note that the cost for the VFA is R507,20 that needs to be paid on the day. You can claim this amount back from your medical savings or WELLTH fund.

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