What is a Biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is a healthcare professional regarded as an exercise specialists, who makes use of strategic exercise configurations to increase your physical condition and the quality of life.

A Biokineticist practices in the field of Biokinetics and work hand in hand with physiotherapist, chiropractors and dieticians to improve pain free movement and enhance quality of life.

Biokineticist can help you with:

Feeling pain during physical activity

Chronic Condition Management

Weight management and wellness promotion

Sport Specific testing and training 

Medical Aid Programs

We are contracted in with all major medical aids and claim directly on your behalf.

We also offer various wellness programs offered by major medical aids, such as Vitality, Multiply, Tempo and weight management programs for POLMED, FEDHealth, AECI and Mercedes Benz Medical Aid.

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