Musculoskeletal Pre- and Rehabilitation

This includes pre-habilitation before a surgery and rehabilitation after surgery/injury. It also encompasses conditions such as lower back pain and other joint paint during or after physical activity.

Metabolic Conditions Management

Metabolic conditions such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory diseases can all be managed successfully through proper exercise prescription.

Injury Prevention

Scientific evidence shows us that certain exercises in the correct dose can reduce injuries such as hamstring and groin strains by up to 40%. Prevention is better than cure.

3D Body Scanning

Accurate and reliable body composition and measurements such as body fat%, lean body mass, waist and many more circumferences as well as guide fat loss metrics. All available under just 2 minutes.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction therapy used to improve muscle strength, muscle size, VO2Max and much more. Work smarter not harder.

Genetic Testing

You are unique, and in your genetics lie unique guidelines on how you might be susceptible to certain injuries, but it also has the key information on how to unlock your best performance. Your genes can help empower you to build a healthier body. 


Our fees are guided by medical aid tariffs. Cost is determined depending on what procedures were done during the consultation. All fees are discussed during the consultation.

We do offer private rates that are available upon request, as well as payment plans.

All accounts must be settled on the day of treatment. Unfortunately we do not accept cash due to safety and health concerns. We only accept debit/credit cards, EFT, or FNB Geolocation.

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