Discovery Vitality Health Assessment

Get up to R10 000.00 for your family when you complete your health check

When you and your family complete your health check, you will unlock your family's WELLTH Fund of up to R10 000.00. The WELLTH Fund covers a comprehensive list of healthcare services to ensure that you are empowered to take specific action according to your health needs. 

The WELLTH Fund is automatically activated once all family members (2 years and older) have completed a Health Check.

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Free Health Screening Benefit

A Health Check is a simple but helpful set of basic health screenings and preventive tests which you are covered for annually. Here are some reasons why YOU should do your health check:

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What is included in your Health Check?

Body Mass Index

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol Lipogram

Blood Sugar

Non Smokers Declaration

Vitality Age Questionnaire

We offer the Enchanced Vitality Health Check, meaning your Vitality Age Assessment is completed the same day as your health check. This saves you time and will reward you with an additional 1500 points towards your Vitality status.

Optional HIV test

During your health check, you can choose to do an optional HIV test that can will reward you with 7500 points for first time testers or 1000 points for annual testers. 

What does the Kids Health Check Involve?

Body Mass Index

Blood Pressure

Development Questionnaire

Health Check FAQ

What does the Health Check Cost?

Your health check will be covered by your medical aid plan. The amount of health checks covered by your health plan will determine how many you can do for free. 

Important things to note.

Health checks can only be performed 90 days apart. This allows sufficient time for you to address your underlying risk factors and take steps towards improving your results.

It is recommended that you do the test fasting for at least 2 hours because foodstuffs can effect the results of your blood tests and caffeine can affect your resting blood pressure.

How is the Vitality Points Awarded?

Your points is determined by how many measurements you have within range. You can read more about the vitality heatlth assessment here

Is this the same check I can do at my local pharmacy?

Yes. We offer the enhanced Health Check assessment which awards an additional 1500 points for including your Vitality Age Questionnaire. We also offer more feedback time to go through your results with you and help you out with some queries you might have about your health or the Vitality program.

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