Momentum Assessments

Momentum Health Assessment

Your Healthy Heart Score gives you a better understanding of your heart health now.

Protecting your health is an important part of managing your finances. As a Multiply and Momentum Health medical scheme member, you’ll be rewarded for looking after your health with a free annual health assessment.

Healthy Heart Score:

The Healthy Heart Score is calculated using the following measurements:

Each measurement has a different weighting.

Body Fat %

Blood Pressure

Blood Cholesterol

Blood Glucose

Smoking Status

Your first health assessment in the year is free for Multiply Premier members only. Multiply Premier members will be required to pay for any additional health assessments they choose to do later in the year. Members can redo any of the measurements at their own cost.

Momentum Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment is far more than a simple validation of your current fitness level. The fitter you are, the healthier you are and the longer you’re likely to live in comparison to less fit individuals.

The Multiply fitness assessment is an alternative to getting Active Dayz - useful for multiply members who live an active lifestyle but are unable to track it.

Your Fitness Score:

Your fitness level is calculated based on the results of your health- related fitness assessment, and takes your gender and age into account.

Each measurement has a different weighting.

Body Composition

Muscular Strength

Cardiovascular Fitness

A fitness assessment is now valid for 12 months (one year). You can try and improve your fitness assessment during the year but remember that you can only redo another fitness assessment after four weeks.

If you are injured, it is best not to do the fitness assessment and rather earn Active Dayz at the gym, through your fitness device or an event.  If you are pregnant, the health professional will choose the fitness test best suited for you.

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